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I was a nervous wreck when i had wasps in my house. Ribble Pest Control came out the same day and sorted out the issue within an hour and at a great price too!

– Sally Nothwell

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Your Local Pest Control Company In Clitheroe

If you are looking for a reliable, discreet and professional pest control service in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley you have come to the right place! We are experts in treating pest issues like rats, mice and rodents like squirrels or moles. We also exterminate insects like wasps and ants.

Ribble Pest Control in Clitheroe offers many types of pest control services for vermin, birds, rodents and insects.. We provide a rapid, discreet and professional pest control service to all types of our customers in Clitheroe area of the Ribble Valley.

We only use the latest in safe pesticides and insecticides to minimise disruption to the surroundings and our customer’s welfare is always paramount. The company uses these methods alongside highly trained pest control offices to rid your home or business of rats, mice, squirrels and insect pests like silverfish, carpet moths, wasps, bees and ants!


Our bed bug control service will remove bed bugs from your home in a safe and responsible manner!

Ant colonies can overtake your home in weeks! It’s important to call a professional pest control company to remove them before they spread from your garden to your kitchen!

Bees and wasps can be removed. We can relocate endangered bees to our beehive colony and wasps can be exterminated and their nests destroyed.


We can remove vermin like pigeons, gulls and many other types of flying pests. Living in a rural area we are well aware of the issues you can get from pests and we offer a full bird control service for farmers or any type of client. Our expert knowledge of bird control over the last 20 years in Clitheroe makes us the preferred bird control company by local business and also for the provision of bird netting and spike supply.


We can dispose of rats or mice in your property in a safe and discreet manner. Rats can spread disease so rat control is an important service so if you have an issue, call us today to resolve it!

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Call us today on 01200 228130 if you have unwanted rodents living in your, garage, shed, garden, yard or home.

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wasps & bees

We are experts in bee and wasp control. We have been removing wasp nests for decades at low prices!

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Don’t let your insect problem get out of control!

Call an expert to remove ants, wasps, flies, spiders, moths, beetles and bed bugs before it gets out of hand!

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When you call, well ask you a number of questions to ascertain which pest issue you have at your property.

In the vast majority of cases we can give you an accurate guide on pricing.

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